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Picture Case Study IT and TelephonyIT and Telephony is indisputably a large and diverse spend area for most businesses. With applications moving to the cloud, servers being virtualized and users demanding ‘bring your own device’ policies (BYOD), what was once a well-structured spend category is likely to have become outdated in its definitions and difficult to overview. PIR will help you analyze your ICT spend, optimize your supplier portfolio and realize substantial savings

PIR’s extensive experience includes most aspects of the ICT category, spanning from the procurement of nationwide fiber optics and mobile systems to frame agreements for agile software projects and outsourcing of critical IT services.

Software development – Faced with constant and unrelenting change, companies are forced to reinvent themselves. They are no longer sidelined by new conditions, but wish to take advantage of them, demanding full business agility. Agile project methodology has become commonplace within most IT organizations, but sourcing and contract management has rarely kept up with the development. PIR will help you harmonize the agreements you establish with the approach of your organization, creating a solid framework for future agile initiatives.

Outsourcing / Cloud-sourcing – The IT outsourcing industry has matured, supplier’s excess capacity is filled up and benefits from labor arbitrage are vanishing rapidly. Simply pounding on the table for lower prices will not work anymore and PIR will help you bone up on agreement structure, delivery model and value drivers to get a deal that supports your business case.

As an alternative to traditional outsourcing, an ever increasing share of applications and functionalities are offered as cloud computing services with pay-as-you-go business models. PIR will help you get transparency on the cost of such services and find an optimized and fully elastic setup for future scenarios.

Fiber optics – With soaring bandwidth demands, a strategy for connectivity and transmission should be a high priority on the agenda of many businesses. In addition to common sourcing challenges, most fiber optic ventures are also at the mercy of government regulation and acquisition of servitudes, with high risks of considerable delays. PIR will help you establish an agreement with balanced responsibilities and mitigations of risk.

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