Anton’s first time at PIR

Say hello to Anton Andersson! One of three Analysts who joined PIR this autumn. He most recently comes from Linköping University where he studied Industrial Engineering and Management.

What is your role?

I joined PIR in late August 2021 as an Analyst, which means that I partly work with multiple client and internal projects at PIR, partly take part of the Pioneer Program, a graduate program together with the other companies in Newground Alliance. I have just finished my first external project where I have, together with multiple colleagues, reviewed the agreement structure and ways of working of a multinational telecom operator. The role as Analyst has so far brought a steep learning curve and many challenging and fun moments, where the development as a person and consultant always has been the focus.

How does an ordinary week look?

How cliché it might sound I would like to say that there are no ordinary weeks… at least not yet. The content of my weeks has been strongly dependent on what project I am working on and its current phase. Some weeks have been filled with client interviews to gather information and other with a larger focus to produce material. However, some returning themes have been training in consulting tools and social activities together with colleagues at PIR or within the graduate program, project related work meetings, and foremost responsibility from day 1!

Why start your career at PIR?

One of the main reasons that I applied to PIR was that PIR is not only an ordinary management consultancy firm, but a management consultancy firm that had a clear niche for procurement and sourcing. Something that I felt matched very well with both my own interests and with my educational background of Industrial Engineering and Management with a master in logistics. Another very central reason was the culture that PIR emphasized. PIR has a very open and welcoming community where every employee is encouraged to share their opinion, no matter the seniority, as we strive to provide value to our clients.

What has been the best part of joining PIR so far?

Without hesitation, getting to work directly with clients on real projects from day 1. I even joined PIR a week earlier than planned as an opportunity to join a project early arose. Worth to mention is also getting to take part in the graduate program, which has provided many challenges and fun moments together with the other pioneers.

If you have any question about the role as Analyst or the graduate program you can reach out to Anton at:
+46 764 961 699

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