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Procurement Transformation

As the role of procurement continues to evolve, new approaches are required. Leading organizations are transforming their procurement function with new sustainable mindset, new processes and new technology. PIR has extensive experience of transforming sourcing and procurement organizations on strategic, tactical and operational levels with clients that are leading organizations within their industry.

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for Procurement Transformation

We have structured best-practice, benchmarks and lessons learned from our extensive project experience, hence ensuring that we deliver each project with accumulated knowledge, bespoke to our clients’ needs.

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Do you know the degree of maturity of your Procurement function and what can be done to improve its delivered results?

PIR can easily compare your Procurement function with our very comprehensive benchmarking database. In a very short time, we can thereby help you identify the gaps towards leading practice as well as towards organizations in your industry and develop an action plan to close the gaps.

Is Procurement a strategic partner in your organization?

Procurement has great potential to deliver so much more than savings in both value creation and risk mitigations. PIR has a structured approach to develop a strategy and governance for procurement to maximize its contribution to your business’s overall strategies and identify the development needed for the Procurement function in governance, processes, systems and expertise.

Based on over 1000 procurement projects, PIR has an incredible amount of experience of various procurement organizations’ ability to deliver results.

We support our customers in their transformation of organizational model and our approach is based on overall vision, mission and strategies and address how to develop the organizational model including role descriptions that best suits your business. An important component is to define interfaces with and forms of collaboration with other organizational units.

Does your Procurement organization have effective tools and the structure in place to be able to identify, deliver and realize savings?

Without appropriate processes and systems that support the entire purchasing process from savings identification through sourcing to contract management, call-offs, invoice management and payment, procurement will never be able to live up to its full potential. PIR has solid experience of analysis, design and implementation of efficient procurement processes and digitalization.

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Insights in Procurement

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    Strategy Alignment

    Companies are facing more challenges today than ever and Procurement can be part of the strategy to handle these challenges. Procurement could play a center role in increasing competitiveness by e.g., mitigating cost increase, securing sustainability targets, enabling digitalization on company or functional level, and ensuring a flexible supply chain. When Procurement is Done Right, the Procurement Strategy is an integral part of and aligned with the overall business strategy.

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    Future Proof Operating Model

    As the maturity of the Procurement organization increases there is a clear move to a more centralized operating model to ensure economies of scale and skill. However, there is a risk that this model increases the distance to the actual business.

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