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Companies around the world have during the last two decades trust Procure It Right to elevate their Procurement functions. We have during more than 1000 projects continued to repay that trust by focusing on people while delivering Procurement results with integrity.

We flourish when we are trusted with complex procurement tasks, have the opportunity to share risk with our customers in a success fee set-up or have the possibility to act as Digital Procurement evangelists.

More Efficient Allocation of Tomorrow’s Resources

The evolution of humanity is built on cooperation and linking ideas, abilities and recourses together. No boundaries, habits or other obstacles should slow down that amazing process.

To shape a prosperous future, we must use experience, competence and creativity to establish and develop relationships that allocate tomorrow’s resources.


Allocating tomorrow’s resources.


We help our clients do better business through Cost Optimization, Sourcing, Legal and Procurement transformation.


”With a history of pioneering the Nordic procurement consulting market PIR is still at its core.”

– Robert Liljeblad, CEO at Procure It Right

Procure It Right was founded more than 20 years ago to fill a gap of procurement capabilities in the Kinnevik group of companies. As pioneers in the telecom industry, Kinnevik setup local low-cost operators to challenge the established global competition.

A core element of the business strategy for these local operators was to procure telecom networks to unmatched levels of cost and value. Growing from this initial mission, Procure It Right has carried out more than 1000 sourcing and procurement projects in more than 60 countries.

While we are yet more experienced and sophisticated today, we are still obsessed by Procuring It Right!

Pioneering Nordic Procurement Consulting

Procurement Done Right
– It’s What We Do

We are a values-driven firm. Recognizing that our People are key, we consistently look for and develop people who believe in creating real results since that is fundamental to us. However, we also truly believe in creating results with uncompromising integrity. These values shape both how we evolve as a firm and the way we serve our clients on a daily basis.

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We recognize that successful collaboration and prosperous business is all about people. Our people, our client’s people, their suppliers’ people and the community which we are all part of.

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We are a truly independent advisory firm and will only give advice in the best interest of our clients. We encourage our people to challenge ourselves, our clients and the status quo.

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Outstanding results means smart work. And grit. We roll up our sleeves and get the job done.


The PIR management team consists of six individuals with long experience in procurement and/or their area of expertise.

Robert Liljeblad is the CEO at Procure It Right
Marcus Ras is part of the leadership at Procure It Right
Fredrik Landberg is part of the leadership at Procure It Right
Fredrik Landberg is part of the leadership at Procure It Right
Fredrik Landberg is part of the leadership at Procure It Right

Part of an Alliance

We are part of an alliance of independent niche consultancy experts with individual perspectives and offers, united by a shared belief in a new way of management consulting.