Let’s Procure It Right Together!

Recent Graduates

Our graduate program is tailored for recent graduates to develop the skills of a successful management consultant with a spike in procurement.

Experienced Professionals

If you are currently in a consulting role or have moved to a line role in the area of sourcing and procurement, you have the profile that we are looking for.

Alumni Network

Together we have taken PIR to all corners of the world. Join our Alumni Network and get invited to our future get togethers.

Current Job Openings

We are constantly looking for exceptional individuals with a passion for sourcing and procurement. Have a look at our current job openings or contact us with a spontaneous application.

Thinking About Going From Big to Small?

Though we are smaller, we solve the same business issues for our clients as our larger competitors. By joining PIR’s procurement civilization you will be reaping the rewards that comes with being a smaller consultancy while you have the benefits of being part of a larger alliance.

A Unique Culture Built on Nordic Entrepreneurial Values

For us, the major differentiator between PIR and other big consultancies is our culture. We know this can be a bit of a cliché, but we truly believe that it is a huge differentiator at PIR. We have a unique culture which is built on Nordic entrepreneurial values in contrast to some of our competitors.

One aspect of Nordic values is a culture built on trust in the individual and the individual’s abilities. We pride ourselves with having a flat hierarchy at work with an open office policy where everyone interacts with each other irrespectively of title and seniority. Obviously, we have hierarchy when we are working with clients as we need this to ensure accountability and delivery of possible result, but once we are back in the office it becomes less important and not something we focus on as such.

Why We Are Different

Trust in the individual and the individual’s abilities.
Flat hierarchy at work and an open office policy.
Answer questions every week about your well-being at and off work.
The advantage of being a specialized consulting firm makes you rapidly build a spike in procurement.

We are Focused on the
People Side of the Business

We like to ensure that you as a consultant are thriving both personally and professionally when employed at PIR. One way we do this is by using an app to answer questions every week about our well-being at and off work.

PIR is a team of very ambitious consultants and ensuring their professional growth is a critical factor for us. We solve the same business issues for the same clients as our larger competitors. Many of our senior consultants have a past with global competitors and they testify that PIR is an equally good place to learn and develop with the big advantage of being a specialized consulting firm. This ensures that our consultants rapidly build a spike in Procurement.

Symbol for Newground Alliance

PIR Is Part of Newground Alliance

Though we are small we still have a large network of competent consultants at our disposal. By being a part of Newground Alliance we have the luxury to strengthen our numbers if required and at the same time have the opportunity to assist and work together on exciting projects with our sister companies.