Recent Graduates

PIR offers the Bloom graduate program together with our sister companies within the Newground Alliance. This graduate program is tailored for recent graduates to develop the skills of a successful management consultant with a spike in Procurement.

Join Our Graduate Program, Bloom!

For 2 years, the joint Bloom program will run in parallel with daily PIR commitments and will offer the opportunity to fast track your career together with likeminded colleagues from the other companies in Newground Alliance through training of consultant skills, opportunities to reflect, and social events and form an important part of Procure It Right’s procurement civilization and future development.

What Can You Expect?

You will acquire the experience and training required to quickly develop the skills needed to become a successful management consultant. To the right candidate, we offer a steep learning curve in a fast paced and fun environment.

Who Are We Looking For?

We are looking for exceptionally talented and service minded people, who just like us, want to create value and commit to the success of our clients.

At PIR, we expect you to be a team player, initiative-taker, and value-adder. You are comfortable with sharing your opinion and you are excited to shape the future of PIR.

Meet Amanda

Say hello to Amanda Lundström! One of three Analysts who joined PIR in fall of 2023. She most recently comes from Linköping University where she studied Industrial Engineering and Management.

Amanda’s First Months at PIR
– Interview With a Current Bloom Participant

What is your role?

I took on the position as an Analyst at PIR in late August 2023. In this role I am contributing to various client and internal projects, and concurrently, I actively participate in the Bloom program—a graduate initiative shared with other companies in Newground Alliance. At the moment I am working on my first client project, which is a transformation project where we are optimizing a procurement organization. This hands-on experience has already led to significant personal and professional growth.

How does an ordinary week look?

My typical week is far from ordinary, and that’s what excites me so much about working at PIR. So far, I have spent three to four days a week at our client’s office here in Stockholm, working collaboratively with the client. The remaining days I am at our home office at Norrmalmstorg. Every day has brought new tasks and relations to explore and therefore I do not think that the ordinary week exists, and it probably won’t for a while. However, a few things have set the tone for my first weeks: social events both with colleagues at PIR and with Bloom, and training in consultant skills such as leadership and digital tools.

Why start your career at PIR?

I chose PIR for two compelling reasons that resonate with my aspirations, the culture and the procurement niche. PIR’s culture is not only fun and welcoming but also inclusive and supportive. After the first week it felt not only like I had a bunch of amazing colleagues but also new friends. And even though there are managers and people have different roles, like in all companies, our collaborative work environment values everyone’s opinions and thoughts, fostering a sense of teamwork that I greatly appreciate. The culture at PIR definitely aligns with my own values. Beyond the culture, PIR is a management consultant firm with a focus on sourcing & procurement, something that aligns well with both my personal interests and my educational background in Industrial Engineering and Management with a masters degree in Logistics and Supply Chain management.

What has been the best part of joining PIR so far?

The most thrilling aspect of joining PIR was the immediate involvement in a client project team, already on my first day after the onboarding weeks with Bloom, and that has been so much fun! To finally feel that my work matters and that I have a responsibility towards my colleagues and the client. The introduction weeks with the Bloom graduate program is also something that is worth mentioning, I met so many amazing people and had such a fun and educative time!

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