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Our legal advisors form client teams together with our experienced procurement consultants. During our strategic sourcing process, we go all the way to ensure real supplier contracts. We utilize our intellectual property in form of contract templates to create bespoke client supplier contracts. The more complicated the matter to be regulated by the contract, the more important it is that the contract itself is easy to read and understand. Clear language produces clear thoughts, it is less likely to miss out on important parts. 

Our Solutions for Legal Advisory

We have structured best-practice, benchmarks and lessons learned from our extensive project experience, hence ensuring that we deliver each project with accumulated knowledge, bespoke to our clients’ needs.

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PIR can support with legal and contractual work in the purchase of goods and services. Our experience and contract templates span a broad range of spend categories and sourcing scenarios such as IT software & support agreements, logistics, consumables, marketing, professional services.

Are you planning a large sourcing project, e.g., major outsourcing, large IT-sourcing or capital investment? Then you will encounter that you need a contracts supporting the project.

Those are typically complex contract, often whole contract structures, combining products and services which are purchased additionally. This is about combining technical requirements and safeguarding them with the right legal instruments, e.g., indemnities, warranties and liquidated damages. We usually connect this sort of project with a in depth legal risk analysis.

A contract review gives you a detailed analysis of your contract portfolio, highlighting, e.g., important provisions and level of protection. A risk analysis shows the practical and legal risks which exist in connection with a contract or business deal. We recommend to combine both tools to create a contracts which mitigate precisely the risks they need to mitigate – not more and not less. This way, you can save time and costs, by shortening negotiations and by not unnecessarily paying the other party for bearing risks.

In a world that is becoming more and more digital and where personal data is hard currency, advice on how to navigate the digital and legal landscape is vital. We can help you manage the biggest risks and complex issues relating to the data privacy legislation, including the General Data Protection Regulation (the GDPR). PIR work with a broad range of issues, including leading and guiding companies through long-term GDPR projects or helping clients with specific and complex legal issues relating to the organizations’ operations, inter alia, in relation to procurement of different IT-systems.

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    Closed loop

    Dividing the Procurement organization into a strategic and operational part is very common. However, it is still common to find that the process interface between these two parts has not been considered to the extent it deserves, resulting in two separate processes and disconnected information flow between.

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