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    Procurement with Purpose

    With the closeness and ownership of the supply base the Procurement function has a decisive role to play in shaping the company’s Environmental Social Governance (ESG) footprint and contribute to the Net Zero targets for greenhouse gas. Creating Procurement with Purpose is an important part of Procurement Done Right.

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    Closed Loop

    Dividing the Procurement organization into a strategic and operational part is very common. However, it is still common to find that the process interface between these two parts has not been considered to the extent it deserves, resulting in two separate processes and disconnected information flow between.

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    Talent Development

    As Procurement transforms beyond cost from a reactive to a proactive function it is vital to further develop Procurement skills within the organization. Procurement needs to excel at many different and new areas such as data science, change management and partnerships. Establishing an internal bespoke Procurement Academy in line with long term goals will be a corner stone in creating a Procurement Done Right function.

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    Cost Out – Value In

    A Procurement Done Right functions of today needs to balance the instituted cost focus with possibilities to leverage the supplier base to add value. A Category Management approach is a proven methodology to use for cross-functional teams to address spend categories with the objective to optimize cost. A more collaborative approach with Supplier Relationship Management is a great way to balance the cost focus with possibilities to drive improvements and encourage innovation.

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During the last 20 years we have delivered more than 1000 Sourcing & Procurement projects in over 60 countries with an average of 30% savings.


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We have delivered more than 1000 procurement projects since we were founded in 2000.


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We have delivered projects in more than 60 countries and are used to negotiate with all cultures.

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We have delivered average savings on 30% on our cost optimization initiatives.

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Experience and Expertise

We have 20+ years of experience as a Procurement & Sourcing consultancy.

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Cost Optimization

Our methodology for cost optimization is not just an elevator pitch, you get practical solutions, feet on the ground, and both top- and bottom-line result.


Sourcing Advisory

PIR supports clients in all stages of the sourcing lifecycle, from strategy, through design and sourcing, transition as well as reevaluation of existing positions and building own capabilities.


Legal Advisory

During our strategic sourcing process, we go all the way to ensure real supplier contracts. We utilize our intellectual property in form of contract templates to create bespoke client supplier contracts.


Procurement Transformation

PIR has extensive experience of transforming sourcing and procurement organizations on strategic, tactical and operational levels.

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