Experienced Professionals

As a specialist Procurement and Sourcing consultancy we address our clients’ challenges in a broad range of industries and subtopics. The expertise and insight that experienced hires bring are invaluable to our work.

Advance Your Career

What Can You Expect?

You will work in a team of driven and helpful consultants from varied backgrounds, in a company where you will have a direct impact on the success and future of our business and that of our clients. By joining PIR you will work closely with our clients to ensure that they:

Achieve the most from their supplier ecosystems.
Align Procurement and Sourcing strategies with their business objectives.
Maximize the value derived from their spend.
Have the best and future proof operating model to support their business objectives.

Who Are We Looking For?

We are looking for procurement enthusiasts that believe in Procurement Done Right. We think that…

  • You are, or have been, a management consultant for at least 2 years.
  • You have a passion and experience specifically within the field of Procurement or Sourcing.
  • You have a way with numbers and can analyze your way to great solutions.
  • You know how to explain and visualize complex concepts in a simple way.
Philip Ras, experienced professional at PIR

Meet Philip

Say hello to Philip Ras, an experienced professional who joined PIR as a Senior Consultant in March 2021. He has a broad set of experiences with a focus on Technology, Process and Transformation

Philip’s first year at PIR
– Interview With a Senior Consultant

What is your role?

I joined PIR as a Senior Consultant in March 2021, with a background in strategy and technology. I have previously worked with large change management projects as well as quite operational tasks. The projects I work with at PIR reflect my previous experience, but I specialize in procurement and process related tasks. PIR is a flexible company striving to find the best fit for each employee connected to strengths, previous experience and desired learning journey.

How does an ordinary week look?

I work flexibly from the office at PIR, from home or at the client’s site. So far this set-up has been approved by our clients and contributes a lot to the work-life balance, or rather puzzle. Maintaining a reasonable amount of work is something that PIR does well. I do a lot of meetings or virtual client sessions in case I am not at the office, and I usually work with a client team or with one at PIR.

Why did I choose to work at PIR?

With a background in different management consultancies, I decided to join PIR because there are several interesting challenges connected to procurement that are often overlooked. Anyone who has worked in a major IT transformation program knows that the choice of supplier and the anchoring of chosen solution with the receiving organization is key. Yet, this is rarely reflected in the supplier or solution choice at many companies. I find that there is much to do in that area. Secondly, we can talk about sustainability, if you really want to make a change, then you need to look at how and what companies buy and the connected governance structures.

What has been the best about joining PIR so far?

PIR sees to each employee’s individual need and is a very good employer in that sense. So, professionally you are in charge and have every opportunity to develop your career in the direction you want. Socially, we are a fun team, a kinship that I think is unique to smaller consultancies.

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