Outsourcing Infrastructure Operations, Service Desk and End User Services

Context & Objective

The client wanted to outsource its infrastructure operations covering datacenter and core platform services, including service desk and end-user services, IT services for 5800 workstations and moving from on-premise to cloud solution.

Approach & Result

PIR supported the client during 2 years starting with an RFI followed by an RFQ, conducting iterative work and close collaboration with client and invited tenders. The results were full verticalization of end user services, a dedicated infrastructure environment with SLA framework aligned with technical SLAs and business applications, a clear governance structure that increased the transparency of service fees and invoices, and a supplier with a mature public cloud service portfolio incorporated in new service agreements enabling client full use of "IT on tap". The project resulted in a 26% reduction of TCO over a five-year period.

Industry: Retail