Vendor & Contract Managment core system transformation and system outsourcing

Context & Objective

The client, undergoing an operating model transformation, required support in a workstream related to a core system transformation and legacy system outsourcing, to reach full potential of scale and efficiency.

PIR was brought in to set-up governance structures and manage commercial and contractual compliance of the external system integrator (driving implementation and system roll-out) and outsourcing partner (taking over services for existing legacy platforms).

Approach & Result

PIR was engaged to provide vendor management services, including establishing governance structures that supported the client's transformation and ensured commercial and contractual compliance to a set outsourcing agreement. To do so, PIR supported the client to set-up continuous follow-up on delivery and quality, costs, incentive mechanisms, and risk related to the outsourcing agreement, which enabled the client to achieve MSEK 3 in cost avoidance through identification of incorrect vendor invoices.

In addition, PIR supported the client by negotiating with the vendors, managing change requests, and providing support to decisions makers in understanding the outsourcing agreement and what consequences decisions and changes would generate. This resulted in that the transformation project could focus fully on project delivery, being assured that commercial and contractual perspective was managed.

Industry: Financial Services